Getting into better physical shape is not as hard as you might think. Staying fit, on the other hand, is the real challenge most people usually deal with. Let’s face it, we oftentimes have trouble getting out of the house for a run, not to mention waking up early in the morning to lift some weights or do squats. If you are looking for some extra motivators and secrets for a happier and healthier workout routine, you have reached the right page.

Secret #1: Never Strive For Perfectionworkout

Do not set crazy, difficult or almost impossible goals that you will have a hard time meeting. Instead, concentrate on making the healthiest choices for your well-being and don’t worry about not being able to run an entire marathon yet. Start with 20-minute walks every day and try not to skip any of them. Gradually, add more minutes and try to focus on walking faster.

Secret #2: Find A Friend Who Will Exercise With You

It’s the so-called buddy system that involves using a friend or a relative whom you trust will be at least as consistent as you, or, even better, someone who will get your back on track when you will feel like skipping a few workouts. You’d be surprised just how much better you will manage to connect to your workouts and find your motivation while strengthening your relationship.

Secret #3: Choose Your Best Workout Times

Basically, pay attention to the hours of the day when you feel least sluggish and most energetic and write them down. Notice if they are approximately the same every day and schedule your workout routine whenever you know you will be bursting with energy. If you are not a morning person, try to plan your gym or jogging session later in the day, throughout the day or in the evening, if you are more of a night owl. This way, you should ensure you will be benefitting from the best results at the end of each workout. Think of it as figuring out the best time of the day when your mind is most alert, so you can click here to visit the website of top casinos offering the best real money pokies or poker games and make the most of your skills and win some cash.

Secret #4: Get Into A Happier Mindset

Think real hard about those workouts that you would feel happy about incorporating into your daily or weekly routine and steer clear from those exercises that make you absolutely miserable. It’s pointless to force yourself to lift weights if you do not enjoy doing it, or if you do not feel more energetic at the end of the workout. The great news is that you can literally get into better shape and maintain your new level of fitness with pretty much any type of physical activity. So why not hop on your bike every day or go swimming instead of despising going to the gym every day?

Secret #5: Get A Professional Assessment Before Getting Started

Without even realizing, you could be engaging in the wrong type of exercises that your body needs the most. A pro should help you figure out what would work best for you. Maybe you need to gain more flexibility or you need to work on your balance. How agile would you rate yourself when working out? Maybe you are the perfect candidate for aerobics exercises or you should focus more on resistance instead. Find out what are your weaknesses and strong points and start using them to your best interests. You will soon notice your body fitness will start to improve significantly once you will do that.

Secret #6: Stop Procrastinating And Finding Excuses

How often would you feel comfortable with going to the gym on a weekly basis? Sure you may feel like you are simply too busy, too tired or too stressed out to take the time to go to the gym or work out at home. The naked truth is that you simply do not need to worry about any complicated logistics and complex workout equipment to get into shape and stay fit.

As long as you can make some space on your living room or bedroom floor, you could instantly start to do some exercises that focus on your legs, arms or glutes, ranging from simple squats, push-up or lunges. Do as many reps as you can, at least ten per exercise, and keep adding more as you manage to build more strength.

Once your mind is made up to start truly getting into shape, you should start noticing your body will soon follow and you will have an easier time sticking to your routines.   

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