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My personal goals are to advance the overall health and fitness of my clients. See what I can do for you!


Lifestyle coaching is important to those who want to bring their fitness goals but need help


Need to get whipped into shape for an upcoming event? Whether its an event or losing weight – I can help!


Sometimes eating is a no-brainer. And maybe that’s the problem. Nutritional counseling is my specialty.


5 Tips to Managing a Fitness Centre

When you’re running a sports or fitness center, things can get quite overwhelming. Looking after all the students and athletes who are learning at your center is already a hectic task. But [...]

The 10 Best Gifts for People Obsessed With Working Out

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trainees say

  • Robyn is a fantastic trainer! She always adapts the training pace with my situation and encourages me to push boundaries.

    Lu F.
  • I really enjoy working out with Robyn. She challenges me each week with different workouts that push me harder than I know I'd ever push myself. She has a great attitude and I appreciate her flexibility with my changing schedule.

    Anne D.
  • Training with Robyn is a great workout!  She makes sure that the workout is always different,but manages to challenge me every time. She is patient and pleasant in every session.  She has made me really enjoy my training experience!

    Sheryl D.
  • I trained with Robyn after I had my baby - She was amazing! Not only have I lost my pre-baby weight but I am in better shape than I ever was . Robyn has given me the tools to live a healthier life through exercise/nutrition. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is interested in changing there life in a positive way.

    Tara C.
  • I have been training with Robyn for over a year, and I am in the best shape of my life (just turned 40 and feel like I am 20).  Robyn is extremely knowledgeable about personal training, and she stays up to date on the latest techniques and approaches. Regardless of your age or fitness level, Robyn is the trainer for you!

    David C
  • I never have been able to get to the next level of fitness and nutrition before I met Robyn. I kept hitting my plateau. Robyn helped me realize what was holding me back and together we have succeeded finding a workout which has helped me surpass my expectations!

    Heather D.
  • After getting engaged I tried to get into shape for the big day but I had trouble getting the results I wanted and staying motivated by myself. After only a few weeks of working with Robyn people started to notice that my shape had drastically changed. After 6 months not only did I look slimmer but I had increased energy, lost 3.5% body fat, felt great, looked amazing in my wedding dress and felt comfortable in a bikini on the honeymoon!

    Susan J.