If you plan on traveling this summer and want to continue staying fit while on the go…here are my top essential fitness items you don’t want to leave home without!

Bonus: These items are super lightweight, budget-friendly and can easily fit right in to your luggage or carry-on.

1) Resistance Mini Bands
Resistance mini bands are an effective and versatile training tool that can be used to increase strength and stability in the upper and lower body. Resistance bands are also great for lateral movement exercises, hip and glute activation and shoulder stabilization. Bands usually come in 3 different levels of resistance light, medium and heavy.

2) Light Jump Rope
A light jump rope is great for cardiovascular fitness and improving the muscle tone in your legs and lower body. Jumping rope is a tremendous calorie-burner and all around total body workout.

Tip: Use this to warm-up your muscles for 5 minutes at the beginning of your workout (steady pace)

3) Grid Mini Foam Roller
Foam rolling is a self-myofascial release technique, which is a type of therapy used to eliminate general fascia restrictions (these can exert excessive pressure causing all kinds of symptoms producing pain, headaches or restrictions of motion.) Foam rollers are commonly used as a warm-up for mobility and/or a cool-down for recovery, although it should not fully replace stretching.  Some of the benefits include increased blood flow, better range of motion, restoring muscle-length balance across joints, increased circulation and blood flow for a faster recovery, and relieving pain, soreness,  and stiffness.

I recommend the trigger point grid mini foam roller that measures 4 inches long, 5.5 inches in diameter, and weights 0.5 pounds.

4) Gliding Discs
If you are looking for that toned core, try exercising with gliders. Gliders are the perfect portable and budget-friendly training tool for getting a total-body workout on the go. Using gliders requires little space and has minimal impact on your joints. Gliders should be used on a smooth surface like tile or wood floor. One great benefit of glider discs is that you will greatly improve your stability after using them for a few weeks.

Bonus: Forgot your gliding discs at home? No sweat! You can also use a pair of plastic or paper plates to get the same effective results!

5) Foldable Yoga Mat
My favorite is the Gaiam Reversible Travel Yoga Mat. This mat is extremely light (around 1.6 pounds ) and inexpensive.

Try fitting in a mini mind-body Vinyasia yoga session and get your zen on!

This summer, as you head out on planes and trains, for road trips and vacations, don’t let your travel plans get in the way of your fitness goals. With these essentials you will be able to stay on track and keep your health and happiness well within reach!

Robyn provides in home customized personal training and nutrition counseling services in the Center City, Philadelphia area. She specializes in weight loss/gain, body sculpting, injury prevention, sports specific training, overall conditioning and lifestyle improvement.  For more information, questions or comments please visit resultsbyrw.com.

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